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Concept of Examen:
My work revolves around the idea that our society is in every aspect influenced by film. Ever since it became an omnipresent force in society people have started to measure their lives against their cinematic heroes. The aesthetic influences are innumerable and can be viewed in our desires for fashion, decoration and even our preferences in (sexual) relationships. In a way we believe what we see in the movies and perceive it as reality, even if we are conscious of the fact that it is ‘just a film’. For the majority of the world many historic occurrences only become real when a movie has been made about it. Our idea of the world is shaped by movies and movies are created from ideas that are popular in society, it is therefore a fascinating reciprocal relationship. Our ambivalent relation with film is what I try to capture in my work. I work with what I find so fundamentally important about it: the medium itself and its time-based aspects, its effects on society, the offer of complete escapism, the presence of its symbols in our culture and how it works as a reference for reality.
Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten
Johan van Oord, Frans Lampe, Rien Monshouwer
mail to: inezje@gmail.com
KABK Den Haag
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